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is called the Vokayagora Zemla in less than two hundred years, and will wear that name with pride for nearly a millennium.

It is a place of tall mountains and deep valleys, with thick forests filling every nook and cranny. Rivers slice through hills and form canyons, and the mountain passes are hardly easy transit.

Its people are divided into nearly a hundred tribes, over the vast territory of mountains, valleys, and icy plains to the north. These tribes are fiercely territorial and individual, but a singular force is bringing them together: a city, standing nearly in the center of the mountains, called Cascade.

From Cascade comes unity, peace, trade, and strength. They promise food, order, and knowledge to the elves of the mountains. Many have allied with the city, and many more are curious to see what will become of all these promises. Wherever you stand on that spectrum, this much is clear: Cascade will shape the future. Just how is yet to be seen.

History of the Far North

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The two major players of the war, their provinces, and the neutral parties.

The Vokayagora Zemla


The Iron Dominion


Neutral Parties


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