The Redcliffs Compact

The Redcliffs Compact is a distant neighbor to Cascade and Vokaya, sitting at the southwestern shore of the area. It consists of three tribes that have banded together into an unusual alliance against outside threats. Special accordances have been made to attract the delegation of the Compact, as their alliance and their government is very advanced compared to most others in the Far North, and they are living proof that long-term cooperation is effective.


The Compact is three different tribes, each of which living in slightly different circumstances. Each tribe has a color that represents both itself and the environment it inhabits.

The Sea tribe is represented by a blue/green color, and it is they that guard the southern coastline of the Compact. They live close enough to the water that they can reach it with little effort, and thus they bring in great quantities of fish. They, however, also suffer the greatest danger when the Compact is attacked by seafaring raiders.

The Forest tribe is represented by a dark green color, and they occupy the high cliffs just north of the Sea tribe. The Forest tribe has great builders and artisans, but their real specialty is agriculture: they have managed to grow orchards and crops reliably and effectively, making them invaluable to the Compact.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is the Mountain tribe, represented by a light gray color. The Mountain tribe lives to the west of the Forest tribe, in the valley on the far side of a tall ridge that overlooks the two other tribes. From this mountaintop perch, the Mountain tribe is able to see dangers coming from all directions, as well as provide defenders to any place that could be attacked. The Mountain tribe produces the strongest warriors, and they are also the largest, with their village so big it could nearly be called a city. This city, called Stolica, is the beating heart of the Compact.


The land on which the Compact resides is relatively small. A low beach area to the south slopes up to the north into a dense forest, and to the northwest it reaches as high as a mountain peak before sloping back down again into a valley on the far side. From land, the location is relatively isolated; the beach, for example, slopes up quickly to the south, into a nearly impassable cliff on the far side. North of the forest the coastline jags several times before it hits a steep cliff where a river lets out into the eastern sea. There are only two entrances to the Redcliffs region: by sea, and from the west over the mountain. Both passages are closed.

The territory that the Compact has influenced stretches much further, however. All the way south to the bay of
Stornheim, west almost to the Cascade Mountains, and north for perhaps a hundred miles, the Redcliffs Compact has influence. The region is primarily a lowland forest, with some tall hills and hidden rivers. While the few tribes of these regions do not call themselves a part of the Compact itself, they remain well aware of the Compact’s territory, obey the Compact’s laws, speak Cliffket as a matter of course, and respond when the Compact calls for aid.


They were once ruled by a single Dragon, which had divided them into their separate parts. United by their faith, the Compact stands strong, and they have maintained their worship of their dragon.


Worshiper Alignment Lawful Good
Domains War, Law, Strength, Community
Favored Weapon Javalin

The people of the Compact value honesty and authority. It differs from the tyranny of other Dragons by also encouraging obeying mortal authority figures as well as Draconic ones. You must obey your elders and your leaders, especially those related to you by blood. Blood ties are considered stronger than all others, and if you must forsake duty for family, it is the single forgivable cause.
Worshipers of Liandros aren’t only beholden to their hierarchy or family. Community and acting for the benefit of others before the self are all considered right actions, akin to worship of Liandros himself.
Liandros does not, however, forgive easily. Violence is met by violence, and betrayal by punishment.
The traditions of Liandros call for daily affirmations to both him and to his creed. Prayer to Liandros for guidance usually returns opportunity to aid others, which, it is assumed, will come back around and aid the faithful.

The Redcliffs Compact

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