Vokayagora Zemla

The Vokayagora Zemla (Vokaya for short) is the name of the kingdom-to-be that lies atop Cascade Mountain. Its technology, wealth, and influence surpass any competitor in the Far North, with the possible exception of the Iron Dominion.

Government Structure

Vokaya is ruled by the Consulate, six ancient dragons that have awoken from the Torpor to share their knowledge with the elves of the North. The Consulate’s authority over the members of Vokaya is absolute, and their decisions supercede all others. That said, the dragons do not often involve themselves with trivial affairs. The six dragons, though they can be hard to tell apart, seem to specialize each on a single aspect of governance; this is a guess at best, since they have made no official declarations to that effect.

  • Alitian, the Gold Dragon. Foreign Policy.
  • Lomar, the Silver Dragon. Military.
  • Septis, the Bronze Dragon. Construction.
  • Hallhan, the Copper Dragon. Agriculture.
  • Eribus, the Emerald Dragon. Religion
  • Sorkin, the Obsidian Dragon. Governance.

Beneath them there is a High Council, made up of elves that decide affairs and negotiate terms for new provinces. They primarily consist of rulers—or diplomats selected by rulers—from member tribes that have joined the kingdom. The High Council officially makes all the decisions, but of course the Consulate frequently overrules them. Many among the High Council find their positions to be irellevent, and there is some discussion that the dragons are just using the Council’s existence to cover for a direct dictatorship.
When asked directly, however, the dragons have stated that, while the country is in its infancy, much guidance is needed. In future, they will retreat from public affairs. How true this will end up being is a matter of much debate.

Membership Structure

The tribes that join the Vokayagora Zemla experience several changes.
First, an enclave is set aside in Cascade for the tribe to house its in-city population, including its ambassadors and other government officials. If it is appropriate, a shrine is erected in the enclave so the new tribe can worship while away from home, and any other necessary adjustments are made to the buildings in the enclave to accommodate the new inhabitants.
Second, trade agreements are arranged, and if they prove profitable, then efforts are made to connect the tribe to a road or other trade route.
Third, eventually missionaries of the Vokayan Sept negotiate their way into constructing a shrine in the tribe’s home settlement. This serves the dual purpose of spreading the word of the Sept to the new member province, as well as creating a remote outpost of the kingdom. Often the Council will dispatch an Ambassador to the Sept, and most of the trade negotiations or other such diplomacy will take place in this new Vokayan embassy.
Forth, though it does not always happen, many tribes wind up transitioning their entire leadership to their Cascade enclave, and effectively become a full member of the Kingdom, considering themselves Vokayan first and foremost, and only some other tribe when discussing geographical position.

Member Provinces

The tribes following regions have either signed trade agreements with Vokaya, possess enclaves in Cascade, or are fully integrated into Vokaya.

Vokayagora Zemla

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